A Look at America’s Friendliest Cities


This is the California real estate update for December 1st. Hello this is Mary West and this segment is sponsored by Group 1 Real Estate.

Spending experts WalletHub recently reported their findings of America’s most family-friendly cities. They considered 36 key metrics, including crime rates, poverty levels, divorce rates, education, and more. The only California city that made the list is Fremont in Alameda County. The median price of a new single-family home in Fremont last quarter was just over $1.5 million which made it the most expensive family-friendly city in the country.

Earlier this week the Realtor Association reported that that sellers are highlighting “kitchens” in their marketing efforts. Homes that use the phrases “killer kitchen” or “luxury kitchen” in their descriptions sell 8 percent faster than other homes.

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Spending experts WalletHub recently reported their findings of America's most family-friendly cities.

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