Value Created with Specialized Services

Share talent and other resources in non-competing markets with other attorneys.


  • Committed to helping members to achieve greater efficiencies, provide better client care, and create more wealth.


  • We embrace the concept behind an expression attributed to Aristotle: “the whole is something besides the parts”.

  • Fulfillment of our work product should be easier and require less of a commitment if we collaborate with like-minded professionals.

  • Our independence is a strength that we leverage by collaborating with others who can advance our own bottom line.

  • We use our own talent and technology as much as possible.



  • Client Care: Serving our clients is our primary focus and improving their financial well-being is our number one goal set.

  • Integrity: Making good decisions on a daily basis that support the needs of our stakeholders.
  • Teamwork: Value is derived from team work. Keep your impendence and be part of something bigger.

  • Life/work Balance: Having a team to support your practice makes a big difference in the quality of your life.
  • Investing in Our Future: There are numerous avenues for wealth creation for members.

Strategy and Business Model

  • “many things have a plurality of parts and are not merely a complete aggregate but instead some kind of a whole beyond its parts “

Financial Value

  • Convert the value of your back office expenses into sources of revenue. Yep, that includes your operations, help with matters and cases, marketing, and scheduling.

  • Practitioners can stay focused on their craft or they can focus on their power and ability to influence. We can help with  both types of focus. We prefer power and influence.