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      • Glycolic Peel

      Glycolic Peel

      March 27, 2023|Comments Off on Glycolic Peel

      Glycolic peels reduce brown sunspots and creates a younger and more even skin tone by removing dull, damaged layers and dead skin cells.

      The Power of Beauty Products

      March 27, 2023|Comments Off on The Power of Beauty Products

      As a pivot my practice to work exclusively with providers of beauty products and services, I am excited to participate in what I consider to be the power of beauty.

      • The Quest for High ROI

      The Quest for High ROI

      December 29, 2022|Comments Off on The Quest for High ROI

      Portfolio diversification, tax efficiency, profit generation, consistent cash flow, inflation protection, and wealth creation are the primary goals for real estate investing. In California, it is possible to excel in these areas with real estate investments.

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        Realty During Covid-19

        June 15, 2020|Comments Off on Realty During Covid-19

        A Guide for Buying and Selling Realty During Covid-19 became an important priority when the world came to a sudden halt and the State of California ordered us to stay home.

        Selling Your House

        June 9, 2020|0 Comments

        Congratulations on starting the process of selling your home! This timeline will guide you through the steps required. I will provide insights on each step. You don't need to follow it exactly, but, it [...]

        Markets and Behavior

        May 31, 2020|0 Comments

        When the stock market made a dramatic decline at the beginning of the millennium I was a registered investment advisor working in Northern California. Fortunately I was still teaching finance courses part-time at California State [...]

        Steps in the European Facial

        January 25, 2019|Comments Off on Steps in the European Facial

        Healthy skin often begins with a Classic European facial. This classic facial is the foundation of skin care and should be continued as a part of ongoing monthly skin care routine. Classic European facials [...]

        Tax-Deferred 1031 Exchanges

        July 26, 2016|Comments Off on Tax-Deferred 1031 Exchanges

        A 1031 exchange involves a swap of like-kind real estate for like-kind real estate. Tax-deferred 1031 Exchanges are important for investors of commercial and income properties. Federal tax law allows taxpayers to defer capital [...]

        Can an IRA Own Real Estate?

        July 26, 2016|Comments Off on Can an IRA Own Real Estate?

        A traditional IRA, Roth IRA, or SEP can own real estate in a self-directed account. Eligible types of property are land, commercial property, rental condominiums or residential property, trust deeds, and real estate contracts. [...]


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