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Skin Care
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Glycolic Peel

Glycolic peels reduce brown sunspots and creates a younger and more even skin tone by removing dull, damaged layers and dead skin cells.


    Apply cream or Vaseline on and around sensitive areas of the face immediately before applying the peel.
    Use Glycolic full strength by pouring a small amount in your application bowl. To dilute mix with water.
    Dip two cotton swabs in the Glycolic and gently squeeze any excess out of the swab before applying.
    Place one hand under the swab as you move toward the client. Begin in the cheek region and move to the top of the forehead. When the swab has very little moisture you can move down the bridge and around the nose. Finish applying on the chin and jawline. Be sure to apply on the neck.
    Wait 3-7 minutes before removing. Remove using water and Purifying Cleanser.

Steps Involved

  1. Remove Makeup
  2. Cleanse Face, Neck & Decollete
  3. Massage Face, Neck & Decollete
  4. Apply Protection on Lips & Nose
  5. Apply Product Using 2 QTips – Hashtag Motion
  6. Cleanse Face, Neck & Decollete
  7. Apply Soothing Mask & Cleanse
  8. Apply Toner, H2O Magnet & SPF

Equipment And Supplies

  1. 4-6 Q-Tips
  2. Mask Brush
  3. 4 Cleansing Pads
  4. Glass Mixing Cup
  5. Rinsing Bowl
  6. Vaseline or Repair Cream
  7. Glycolic Gel
  8. Purifying Cleanser
  9. Chamomile Mask
  10. Toner
  11. H2O Magnet
  12. SPF
  13. Moisturizer


Glycolic Peel
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