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General Business Services

  • Traditional Marketing

    Traditional marketing that focuses on the use of the best marketing tools. Strategies, objectives and planning of the products, prices, promotion and placement.

  • Real Estate Analysis

    Provide written analysis of real estate holdings that consider the value of the property, type and conditions of the mortgage, overall cost to maintain and other important

  • Manage Business Functions

    Analyze systems and procedures and initiate changes to improve work flow and efficiency. Maintain and compile statistics and reports when necessary or upon request.

  • Content Creation

    Copywriting and digital media including photography, graphic design, audio and video media.

  • Cold Calling

    We make cold calls to build your pipeline or referral network. Outbound calling to individuals and businesses to accomplish your stated goals.

  • Business Analysis

    Process of identifying problems, researching solutions, and making recommended actions that lead to improvements in business operations.

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